Dalit Community

“Dalit” means oppressed, downtrodden, and exploited. Members of the Dalit community (also known to much of the world as “untouchables”) are routinely denied social, political, religious, and economic rights. In addition to the systematic abuses perpetrated against the Dalit, Nepali Dalits have been forced to endure Government approved and legislated discrimination. BG Hands Ministries seeks to bring God’s ordained freedom and release to these ‘oppressed’ people.

A Dalit Family of Dhading Living in this Hut. 


For centuries Nepali leaders have made it extremely difficult for Dalits to gain the freedoms that most of the world knows, often reducing them to little more than slaves or bond servants. Though many of the laws that have prevented the Dalit people from acquiring an education, public helps, or even to own their own land; life that forced them to work for ‘higher caste’ Hindu people at meager at best (often none) wages, were officially done away with in 1963, the reality is that very little progress has been made. Many Dalit people in Nepal remain in dire poverty.


 Despite making up nearly 1/5th of Nepal’s entire population, the Dalit people have almost no advocacy with the government, or representation in the government. They have little or no access to proper shelter, clothes, food, or education. Poverty, harsh rural conditions, illiteracy, social contempt, lack of knowledge of what is available to them, and adherence to customs that continue to oppress them, keep the Dalit people  shunned, abused, and humiliated in their own country. They need the power that comes when Christ enters into their life and lives.

The Health Care System in Nepal is not accessible to most Dalit people. Only 23% of the Dalit are literate, their income if employed at all is well below the national average and their life expectancy is lower, at about 50 years and infant mortality is much higher. There is much that can be done! But with a caste system that is over 2000 years old, and being the main obstacle standing firmly against such a large group of oppressed people, though much can be done, there is much to stand in the way. BG Hands Ministries is already making a difference in the lives of many Dalit people. And doors are open for people to come and help.

Working Together

BG Hands Ministries is an active member of various Christian organizations. We work in partnership with Christian ministries, churches and like-minded social organizations. BG Hands Ministries is playing a leading role in evangelizing among the Dalit and marginalized communities of Nepal.