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BG Hands Ministries receives funding through membership fees, board member contributions, and special offerings and donations. We can accept grants to help this process along, and to continue funding our various projects which include: Distributing relief at natural disaster, founding and running tuition free classes to poor community children, setting up Dalit people in micro business ventures, a gospel centered radio program, and the writing, developing, publishing and distributing of gospel tracts.


You can help BG Hands Ministries and become part of our ministry team at the same time by making a donation. Funds help BG Hands to continue moving forward in ministry. To make a donation, please make your check or money order payable to, “BG Hands Ministries, and mail it to:

BG Hands Ministries
GPO Box No. 775
Katmandu, Nepal

Funds can also be given to “Release the Oppressed Ministries” in the United States. Release the Oppressed Ministries has committed to helping BG Hands as an international partner. Know that Release the Oppressed Ministries takes no funds for themselves. Just be sure to add a note on your check or money order that reads, “For Nepal” or “For BGHands” and mail it to:

Release the Oppressed Ministries
PO Box 1507
Fort Mill, SC 29716



Donating either directly to BG Hands Ministries or to Release the Oppressed Ministries will get us in touch with you over the months ahead (Unless you ask not to be included in our e-mailings). We will share with you opportunities to join ministry teams and outreaches. Maybe God will put it upon your heart to become part of our team, or part of a team that comes out to us in order to serve for a week or two or longer, at one of our ministry outreach sites here in Nepal. And we will send you updates and information, so that you can be praying for the people we are ministering to, and for you to see answers to your prayers as the Lord opens doors for us to boldly proclaim freedom for the Dalit, that Christ offers. Freedom from sin, and freedom from oppression.