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Our mission is to positively impact Nepal by holistically ministering to the Dalit and all marginalized people.


“Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?” —James 2:15,16



1. To reach each and every Dalit and marginalized person with the love of our creator, God.
2. To provide education and employment opportunities to help raise these people up.
3. To encourage the Dalit and marginalized through health education and primary health services.
4. To facilitate vocational training and programming.
5. To develop leadership within the Dalit and marginalized community.


1. To build awareness among the Dalit and marginalized community on socio-economic, cultural, educational and legal rights.
2. To raise the voice of the Dalit and marginalized, that their concerns and aspirations are heard by the country’s policy makers and community developers.
3. To establish networks, and to foster harmony in communication at the regional and international levels in order to help with the mission God has given us.


1. To serve people with God’s love and care in order to change the lives of each person.
2. To work with transparency and dedication towards the nation for the development of the country.
3. Partnership in working and networking.


What We Are Currently Doing

1. BG Hands Ministries has been publishing gospel tracts and booklets, “Kasto Ramro ra Arthapurna Jeevan” (How Wonderful and Meaningful a Life); “Tapaiko Yatra Safal Rahos”(Wish You Have a Safe Journey) etc. and actively sharing the love of God as we distribute them.
2. We also broadcast the radio program “Mukti Ko Sandesh” (Message of Salvation) as an evangelistic outreach and to build an awareness among Nepalese community to demonstrate the righteous life that God expects of His people.
3. BG Hands is funding for the education to poor community children and running free tuition classes for them.
4. The ministry has been helping Dalit community through micro business startups.
5. BG Hands Ministries is serving the community at natural disaster such as flooding, earthquake, cold wave and during the time of the pandemic of Covid-19 etc.